• Alcatel LINKKEY

Enjoy immediate setup-fee connection with the LINKKEY LTE Cat 4 Dongle. It provides pocketable high-speed connection that’s plug and play, so you can connect immediately. Upload and download fast and use its cable-free M2M connection to transmit data securely.


• Plug & Play

• Size – 88 x 27.4 x 11.5mm

• Support for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux

• Weight - 33g

The contract prices listed for the Alcatel LINKKEY are based on new activations OAC and Bell approved hardware upgrades with an applicable package. A provincial government 9-1-1 fee may apply where applicable: NS $0.43/mth., PEI $0.50/mth. Some conditions apply. See in store for details.


  • Brand: Alcatel
  • Product Code: ALCLINKKEY
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    $3.39/mo. for 24 months

    Device full price: $149.99